Intel and Espionage


Although I say I never watch television, it’s not the whole truth.  For the second time, against my better judgement, I have been glued to Netflix the way I was with “Once Upon a Time” a few months ago.  This past couple of weeks it’s been “Covert Affairs” that has had me hooked.  And yes, I did watch the whole thing (well, as much as is available here on Netflix), episode after episode until the end of season three.  That is a lot of episodes.  And a lot of getting nothing else done and being annoyed that there were actually other things I should be doing.   Like going to work and eating and sleeping.

If you don’t know this Annie Walker, I think you might like her.  She’s a CIA operative who can do just about anything a man can do, but she does it all in high heels.  How impressive is that?  Her empathy is both her biggest strength and her greatest weakness.  She dodges bullets, tells lies, accomplishes impossible missions, solves puzzles and always breaks the rules.  My kind of girl.

annie walker

Okay, thank God season four isn’t on there yet.  I’ve started having dreams about high-speed car chases and double agents and people running around in airports.  You think they’re just late for their flight, but no, think again.  They are spies.  Or with the FBI.  Or some foreign intelligence agency. Once you get this, you may never want to fly again.  Or leave your house.  Or trust a stranger.

It’s unfortunate that some of my favourite characters have disappeared or been blown up in cars or shot dead in kitchens, but that’s how Annie’s world works. I hope Netflix decides to get the next two seasons so I can be immersed in her world again sometime.  Sleeping is highly overrated in comparison.

20 thoughts on “Intel and Espionage

  1. Oh! I do know what you mean. BSG.Revenge.The Americans.Hostage Homeland (I loved Homeland) West Wing and more that is one reason I do not have Netflix. The ones mention are only the American ones don’t get me started on the English ones. It would be so easy to relinquish our lives to TV. 🙂 Xx


  2. I got caught up in a great netflix show with Kevin Spacey and now I’ve forgotten the name of it. Can anyone out there help me?
    I know what you mean about being so immersed in the world of the series that you dream about it. Oh boy was I casting spells like a pro while I was reading all the Harry Potter books 🙂
    I believed!


  3. I haven’t heard of this one and will check it out. We were addicted to the first season on Homeland which we saw on Netflix.. and stayed up way too late for several nights watching.. and then I was so unsettled I couldn’t fall asleep.


  4. I’m a big fan too although I actually so didn’t like the most recent season that I verged weekly on quitting. I’ll be interested to hear what you think when you get hold of it.


  5. This particular image is well timed for me! I don’t watch any TV on TV, although I occasionally enjoy a few . . . like you’ve described here.

    A few weeks back, my sister recommended The Good Wife. I tried watching an episode and fell asleep. I thought I was done, but then I gave it a shot a few days later.

    I am now halfway through the first season, and contemplating a Hulu subscription to supplement my Prime one. It’s just too good not to choose over a full night’s sleep! 😉


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