Nothing is a Lucky Seven Letter Word

Yes, it's a picture of a painting.  Should I blow it up and frame it??

Yes, it’s a picture of a painting. Should I blow it up and frame it??

Yesterday I sat in the waiting room at the specialists office for my follow-up appointment concerning the results of the needle biopsy I had done over two weeks ago.  Our holiday in Ontario was wonderful, by the way.  I forgot a hundred times that all this was hanging over my head.  The time flew by.  Time waiting in a doctor’s office does not fly.  There were eons of it to look around at all the other people there facing their own worries and battles and challenges.  I’m not so special after all.  Just another patient to be diagnosed and treated.

And it turns out I’m okay.  There is no cancer, there is no lymphoma.  Just inflammation from an infection that never cleared.  Who knows where or why.  Today I start on a course of heavy-duty antibiotics for a month, and return on the 22nd of September to have it all reassessed.  The biopsy found nothing.  “Nothing” never sounded so good.

You don’t realize how much something is weighing on you until it’s lifted and set aside.  The relief is huge.  I feel like my life has been given back to me.  I know that’s way over the top for drama considering the circumstances, because I would have dealt with a different outcome too, one way or another.

And then this turns out to be the same day Robin Williams decides to end his life.  I just don’t get it.  We look after the physical body so well, but our mental, emotional and spiritual healing practices need a lot of work.  All I know for sure is that no matter how difficult this life might get, I still want to live it.

But maybe that’s because the degree of difficulty has never overwhelmed me.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be to battle depression every day of your life.

So are we back to normal here yet?  Picking out all the funny little things in life that make us happy?  Annoying the hell out of people who have REAL problems?

Yes we are.

42 thoughts on “Nothing is a Lucky Seven Letter Word

  1. One more thing — I’m on vacation in NC and a truck went by me on my jog this morning. The side of it said, “Back to Normal Restoration Services.” I saw a ton of things on that jog, but that stuck with me. I’ve been thinking of you and praying a bit for you.

    And then I read this post and you ask if things are back to normal.

    . . . Life . . .


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  2. I’m happy to hear things are back to normal for you. I went through a similar set of tests a few years back with an all clear at the end. Given most infectious diseases are a thing of the past most of us will eventually deal with cancer in one form or another. In the meantime, suck all the juice you have from the last days of your life. May we never understand why Robin did what he did…god rest his soul.


  3. That’s wonderful news! I’m so happy that nothing is wrong. Close encounters and news of such sadness as Robin Williams -RIP – are a wake up call to life. We may complain about it times but life is precious.x

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  4. Good heavens. Catching up on older posts, backwards, FINALLY learn this amazing and wonderful news.

    Huh. And here I was so worried when you hadn’t been responding for a while to comments ’cause thought you were already on chemo, and was super-impressed you were still posting. Now I will know better than to be impressed at all by regular ole’ healthy you, Grandmalin.

    For entirely selfish reasons–’cause that is how I roll–am really glad you will be around a good while longer to write many more unimpressive posts.

    BTW, after many docs did many, many scans for A YEAR to find the cancer they were sure I had, when they failed to find it, and said they were “pretty sure” I didn’t have it after all, I was just relieved the endless office waits were over, and terribly disappointed I wasn’t going to blow my remaining financial anthill on the Euopean trip of a lifetime (see what I didn’t get to do there? 😉 )


  5. Sorry I am a little late to the party but this party is worth going on and on and on! It is news like this that makes every one of us appreciate everything more. Cheers!


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