Art du Jour 22

imageWe will forgive this girl the lousy make up job because she’s just so sweetly happy.  Believe it or not, I cut back on the mascara from the original picture I was using as a model.  How do these people keep their eyes open?

Yesterday I wandered around in Michael’s for a long time.  Retailers like this are very smart, or devious, or both. They lure you in to the store with a 40% off coupon on ONE regular priced item.  Their prices are all pretty ridiculous, so these coupons bring the amounts down closer to normal and affordable.  If you can go in to their store and purchase just that one item, you are ahead of the game.  But of course they know it’s very unlikely that you will leave with only one thing.  They offer different coupons every day and mark things down in some kind of random order.  I was looking at an art set for a Christmas present, but it was sixty-nine dollars. Today I see by the email they so helpfully send me every morning, that they now have it marked down to thirty-nine.

So I guess what I have to do is shop there every day for the rest of my life so I never miss a deal.  Or work there in exchange for sale merchandise.  Or use up all the art supplies I already have and stop shopping altogether.  I went there for tan coloured sketch paper and another white pencil.

Apparently I actually needed three sketch books and a dozen pencils.

But look at what I made!  So it was totally worth it.

16 thoughts on “Art du Jour 22

  1. Yes all worth your visit. This young lady you captured put a smile on my face. Her whole face is smiling and she warmed my heart and elevated my mood. You are so talented. I wish I paid more attention in art class in HS. I doubt I would of had half the talent you have but maybe I could get one masterpiece out of me. Beautiful portrait.

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  2. I’m addicted to stationery shops and gravitate towards them whether I need anything or not. Even shopping for groceries in the supermarket I have to check out that aisle. Art supply shops have the same effect on me. Look, touch, ooh and ahh over all the lovely supplies. I think it might be an illness which means that my doctor should really give me a prescription for the therapeutic effect such goods have on me. I think that’s why I still love writing long hand with paper and pen. It’s a wonderfully tactile experience and like a little miracle when I see the words form on paper in lovely handwriting. Jeez! I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it! Yup, definitely an illness.
    Shops therefore should accommodate this disability and provide unlimited coupons to aid the afflicted. Maybe even escort us to the best bargains and carry our goods while we handle the merchandise and rapture.
    Come to think of it, I’m like that with threads and wool as well. Maybe it’s the creative curse. Creativity coupons. That’s what we need.
    We can dream. Until then, we’ll just have to pay regular price or seek therapy. Although the therapy is in using the materials. Catch 22!
    I love this pic. She looks so full of impish fun.

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  3. NOW I remember why I gave up drawing 40 years ago!

    In my all-of-two college Drawing classes, I used computer paper–sometimes used on the other side–for drawing paper. One of my Professors sniffed and said “You’re not serious about your Art (capital A) if you’re not willing to invest in the proper materials.”

    I was going to school full-time and working two jobs as it was. That felt pretty serious to me.

    I signed up for a colored pencil course a few months ago at the local community college, then priced the course materials. A box of pencils cost over $100.

    (Americans are suckers, we are. No wonder the world either hates us or laughs at us.)

    You know, Grandmalin, you may be on to something re: that shop-every-day concept. I think a small-business model could be made for agents to stalk out Michael’s stores everywhere, armed with client wishlists, and ready to buy up whatever on the wishlists goes on sale–adding a small commission.



    • Sometimes I think it’s the expense that forces me to take it seriously – I have all these awesome canvases and the guilt is building that they’re just sitting there all blank and empty. But my pencils and paper are more fun at the moment.

      Every day I get more michaels coupons! And more! And MORE!! Gah.


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