Old Lady Things


Today’s list was inspired by the temperature outside and a rare bout of insomnia.

Old Lady Things I Am Ready For Already

  1. Bunny Slippers.  Big fat pink ones.
  2. A walk-in sit-down shower.  Ok, I’m not really sold on the sit down part of that yet, but my knee does not like stepping over the side of the bath tub these days.  And it’s not even a very high side.  I’ll be wanting ramps instead of stairs soon.  An elevator would be nice.
  3. One of those robotic vacuum things that bangs around your furniture picking up dirt while you sit on the couch wishing it was less stupid and more thorough.  But if I had one I would likely want to get a cat to ride around on it.
  4. A bunch of flameless candles unlikely to burn the house down if left unattended. With a remote control.  Might as well go all out.
  5. A granny shawl.  Actually two.  One for my shoulders, one for my lap.
  6. A personal shopper.
  7. A personal masseuse.
  8. A chauffeur.
  9. A pool guy.  And yes I know we don’t have a pool.
  10. A tiny home.  I watched a minimalist documentary.  I think I could live that way.  Probably have to give up the pool guy though.

Seriously right now I would settle for just some big ass warm and fuzzy slippers because my feet are freezing.  And I am wearing thermal socks.

This is what my life has become.  I need a nap.


33 thoughts on “Old Lady Things

  1. I love your “wish” list! I can certainly relate to everyone of those items you have dreamed about doing for a LOL’s (little old lady) comfort. Right now, I am thinking of several of those during this Arctic cold front passing over PNW. The sit down bath tub is very intriguing and tempting; but, I visualize the top torso will be exposed to the surrounding cold air while the lower torso will be under the warm water. So, that one is out. The pool guy is a hoot….I hadn’t thought about that one since I have the guy and don’t need a pool.

    Keep dreaming and enjoy your big pink slippers

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    • I will never think about LOL in the same way again! 😊 I guess there’s a lot of cold air floating around in January and I shouldn’t feel too hard done by to be experiencing it here. Happy I don’t have to be out there driving in it every day. Being old and retired has its perks.

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  2. I love the idea of big pink bunny slippers. Except I’m afraid I would be doing aerobics as I have 2 big cats and a little dog that loves chasing things. 😉 And I’m too tired for aerobics……..

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  3. I have my doubts about those vacuums…how can they possibly get everything bumping around blindly like that. I’ll just let the crud pile up until I can see it really well then worry about it.
    Also, have you seen the size of the bathrooms in those tiny houses…I doubt your walk-in, sit down tub would fit.

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    • I read somewhere that a vacuum like that would be a good gift for the elderly. I don’t believe it. And yes, I can’t see it doing much good.
      And I would be happy with a tiny shower, never been a fan of bathtubs anyway. And if it was a tight fit it would keep me from falling over, right? I will give this some more thought. lol


  4. Yes stepping over the bath into the shower is becoming an issue for me too. In a hotel we stayed in last year neither my sister nor I were able to step over the tiled wall of the shower recess much to our annoyance. Luckily my shower at home is a walk in and not over the bath. No chair though.

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  5. What a great list! I would really like a walk in bath thing. I’d take bubble baths, and I don’t like showers, but I do have a chair in the tub. I have a wonderfully soft granny shawl I couldn’t do without. Need to get another one, as I keep switching it from shoulders to lap. 🙂

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