Craziness Inc.

Sandman’s Q & A

If you could have your hair any colour for 24 hours, what colour would you choose?

Purple, with pink and silver highlights that glow in the dark. Do I really have to give that up after 24 hours? I’m not going anywhere.

Are you a Hitchcock fan? If so, what is your favourite movie?

Not a huge one, simply because I find suspenseful situations stressful. Movies like Psycho and The Birds make me want to skip to the end to see who survives. I do the same thing with detective shows and murder mysteries if they’re gruesome, and sometimes I skip half a book and read the last chapter if it’s taking way too long to get everything resolved. Not exactly the audience Hitchcock was hoping for.

Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween and will it be affected by this year’s craziness?

I’m trying to remember if I still have my boogeyman door decoration. Yes, ONE hallowe’en decoration which may or may not have gone out with the garage sale stuff. So the answer to this one is no. Not sure it’s a brilliant plan letting little kids go door to door during a pandemic accepting potentially Covid covered candy from strangers. Even without the pandemic it’s a pretty bizarre tradition. I have a feeling a lot of people will give Hallowe’en a pass this year.

And speaking of craziness, it’s back to school day one here today. W often goes walking wearing a mask through our mostly deserted shopping mall, but didn’t today because the food court was full of students on their lunch break. Unbelievable. Some were wearing masks, most were not. If one kid gets sick and tests positive he puts friends, classmates, teachers, parents, and families of all these people at risk and EVERYBODY quarantines and we all wonder what we were thinking sending them back to school with no clear safety plan.

No fast forwarding through this to see how it all plays out. Hopefully at the very least we all learn a few things.