Last Rose of Summer

This morning I walked 2.435 km. It took me 39 minutes. Unlike these perky hot pink flowers, I am now looking a little wilted. It’s a gorgeous sunny autumn day and I just kept going. Until I just had to stop. And here we are. I’m trying to calculate a 2 km route, because to me that sounds like a reasonable goal for an old lady.

Another old lady thing to report. Yesterday I grabbed a spice bottle from the cupboard without looking at it and put CHILI POWDER on my oatmeal. Cinnamon would have been my first choice actually. Not some other random spice starting with the letter C. Then I thought what the hell it’s not possible to make it taste worse, is it? And I ate it. Let’s just say I won’t be creating a food blog any time soon to post that recipe.

Another thing I saw on my walk was a big pile of rocks with a “Free” sign beside them. I stood there for awhile wondering what I could do with free rocks and how I would get them home, as well as what an excellent plan the rock owner had devised to have his rocks hauled away for nothing.

There’s been a confirmed case of Covid up the street in the school that my kids attended when we first moved here. That’s a little too close for comfort. Who knows where it came from or where it’s going. This whole back to school thing is going to crash and burn I’m afraid.

And that’s all the random thoughts from wilted me for another day. I’m taking the afternoon off. Don’t ask me what from unless you want to hear it’s from sprinkling chili powder on stuff.

Stay safe. Have a great Thursday.