Find Three Words

imageI found the words

  • Beautiful
  • Funny
  • Nose

Nose? Β I don’t think that one is supposed to count so I looked again and came up with these.

  • Creative
  • Mezilut

I kind of hate word searches.

43 thoughts on “Find Three Words

  1. Creative, beautiful and funny. I think it’s even more interesting to see who reads across automatically and who reads downward and finds the words there. I sorta like the ones I found going down more than across.

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    • I guess I am a horizontal left to right kind of person. The words that are top right corner to bottom left corner or in that general area and direction drive me crazy. That does not sound like I’m creative…

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  2. NEICE (that’s spelled wrong!), WEALTHY, and BRAVE. Since NEICE is not a word, I found a “4th” – CONTENT Now I know neither of my nieces is wealthy, so it is a good thing NEICE isn’t valid. As for wealthy, brave, and content, I am afraid I am none of those. But I would like to be.

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  3. Be, Strong, Jut. I figured the first and third didn’t count, so then next there was Emotion and Content. I’m not sure which syllable the stress should be on for Content, though. But I guess Strong Emotion[al] Content suits me well enough. Certainly no worse than Beautiful Funny Nose πŸ˜‰

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    • Those are all wonderful things to be. How much fun would it be to make up a word search of all our WORST traits? Cowardly, discontent, hateful….ok, maybe not that much fun….lol


  4. “DVD”, “In”, and “Motion”. MIRACULOUS!! I’m copying all my old DVD’s over to backup, preparatory to getting rid of them. This was astounding, Grandmalin. (creative, beautiful, funny–but those others are in there, too πŸ™‚ )

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