Coffee and Other Funny Things

We are running low on the Tassimo coffees I like so I am slowly using up the random pods I can’t remember buying and which they probably don’t even make anymore.  That’s how old they are.  Today I am enjoying a cup of Gevalia Caramel Espresso to which I have added extra water, French vanilla sugar-reduced cream and a dash of Truvia.  It tastes like pancake syrup.

And if you don’t think that’s funny, wait until you see what else my caffeinated brain has found for you.

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Happy Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Coffee and Other Funny Things

  1. LOLOLOL I don’t eat pancakes but I know what you mean. Coffee is very strong (but check this out, my sister Coll drinks hers black – no cream/milk or sugar or sweetener.) it needs something… am I right or what?

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  2. Ya know, we used to have Tassimo pods, then it became a non-existent thing around here. Keurig pretty much replaced Tassimo, but I loved some of their flavors. Then I realized that I was drinking pure sugar so when we switched to Keurig I gave up the specialty cups. I miss them 😦

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    • If this Tassimo ever bites the dust I will be getting a Kuerig. My daughter loves hers. I think the caramel stuff has been around since we got the machine. It took me this long to remember I didn’t like it I guess.

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  4. Coffee is almost hard to ruin in my mind! 🙂 I tend to drink it with almost any flavor but mint. I like cream, milk, low fat stuff or even almond vanilla milk added to make it look “creamy tan.” My kids tease me because if there isn’t any cream, I have been known to use evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk or ice cream. ♡♡

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  5. Love the slide show. I just make everyone take off their glasses at the door, kind of like the Japanese and shoes.
    Please come read my Easy as ABC because you hooked me into it and it didn’t turn out to be that easy! I wanted to be light and funny like yours. Didn’t happen. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it at almost midnight. 🙂

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