Movie Night

Seemed like a good idea to have a Netflix Night last night, so I did.  Quite often I spend so much time chosing what to watch that I don’t have any time left to watch it.  So I just clicked on some random thing in my list and here’s what I got.

Sandra Bullock is a great actress, but what a weird character she portrayed in this one!  I watched the whole thing though, without any fast forwards.  And that’s certainly not something that happens all the time. Then, still amazingly awake, I clicked on movie number two.

And once again surprised myself by sitting throught the entire thing, even though movies about making movies are not my idea of great stories for movies.  Just like reading a book about someone who is writing a book is not my favourite kind of plot.

Perhaps I could write a blog about someone who is writing a blog.  And then make it into a book about someone who makes her blog into a book and then takes the blogging book and turns it into a movie about a person who blogs and publishes her work and eventually stars in her own film.  I’m searching for the fast forward button just thinking about it.