Things Change

imageDid I promise you historical pictures from long ago?  Well here’s a furry little face from the past.  I still have this kitchen, but there have been a few changes.

  1.  Our cat, Ash, hanging out in the tea towel drawer just because she can, is no longer with us.  That drawer still holds dish towels, but less cat hair.
  2. The brass cupboard handles were changed to blue wooden knobs.  At the time I believed that was a vast improvement.
  3. The green countertop (which I didn’t like, because GREEN) has been replaced with a blue one.
  4. We no longer have that white coffee pot, that wire utensil holder, that Braun mixer, that cutting board or that paper towel holder. Proof that I am very good at wearing things out.
  5. The wallpaper is long gone.  I originally put it there to cover up green tiles.  Then I discovered paint for tiles, removed the paper and painted the tiles white.  That paint turned out to be amazing stuff and is still there.
  6. I think we have had about three different stoves since this one.
  7. If we still have that coffee cup I expect it is somewhere holding pens and pencils like all the other retired coffee mugs in my house.
  8. The frosted flakes and the contents of the red bowl have been eaten.
  9. If you look closely you can see the bottom of a spice rack on the upper part of the stove.  I took that apart and made it into a book holder which I duct taped to our tread mill.  Sadly I do not have a photo of that piece of work.
  10. I believe that blue thing sticking out of the drawer beside the cat might be a crocheted tea cozy.  Such things no longer exist in this house.  They have gone the way of the tea-pot.

I suppose I should thank my cat for her love of small spaces and her knack for doing annoying things, because otherwise this historical kitchen photo would not exist.  And you would never have known about recycled spice racks.

26 thoughts on “Things Change

  1. I am thankful for this kitty and your post full of memories and changes! I still have a crocheted tea cozy. I like my old fashioned apt decor and although annoyed at blue in bathroom LOVE the olive green, which mixes well with my seasonal decor. Funny, how “old” becomes new again. Hugs, Robin

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    • I will guess about 1989 or early 1990’s. My kids would have been in junior high. Thereabouts. My mom always wrote dates and names on the backs of photos. Now I know how smart that was.


  2. Aw, kittens are timeless, aren’t they? I love the drawer-occupying kind :-). How cool was your kitchen thought to be back then? (I say “Back then” as if it were last century. 😉

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    • I don’t remember ever thinking it was cool, just pleasantly functional so I would hate a little less spending time in it. 😄 The cat obviously knew no one would disturb her there by bustling about. So many things have been changed it almost feels like a century ago.

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      • When I responded to his question of when did I go to school, my tween grandson’s head whipped around in sincere incredulity. “Wow!! You went to school in the last century??!!” So, I’m ribbing you with the same “century” crap, but yes, so much has changed, in a seemingly short amount of time. My mom would’ve avoided the microwave oven entirely (as she did the electric brooms everyone gave her because she marveled over the marvel of modernity that they were), and I’m pretty sure my grandmother would’ve called the exorcist!

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  3. Everything looks so sparkling clean! I had those same cupboards but there was always some sort of sauce dripped down on them.
    I have so many things that I thought needed getting rid of — now we have kept them too long and they have made it into the Family Treasures category too.

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    • I must have caught them on a good day! All the clutter on the counter was pretty normal. I hope our kids agree on what we consider to be family treasures….otherwise we’ve been hanging on to a lot of junk for no good reason. lol


  4. The non-cat-loving and eating-areas-must-be-clean-clean sides of me are always utterly horrified at cats or their hair anywhere around people food or food prep areas.

    Except that your kitty looks so cute there! I bet she had so much fun.

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    • It’s kind of amazing the things you put up with from your own pets. She was terrible for jumping up on the counter until we put random pieces of double sided tape on it to discourage the habit. I remember visiting my mom who was a firm believer in animals living outside and marvelling at how nice a house was with no cat hair in it.

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